What is a Web Directory?

Web Directory or website directory is a database of websites on the internet (i.e. World Wide Web) that links to other websites and intelligently categorizes those links. The websites are grouped in special categories and subcategories. It is very important to add your websites in the right category. So, first of all before adding your website to any web directory you must understand the nature or your website. After this you should find out the relevant category or subcategory on the web directory. Once you are sure about the category or subcategory then add your website link to the web directory. Adding website link in the wrong category can damage your website ranking and can lead to no good.

Human Edited Directories:

A human edited directory is a web directory which is edited and administered by human. Once you add a website link in the human edited directory, after this your website link is manually reviewed and monitored by a representative of the web directory. After reviewing your website link and the category or subcategory of the link you have chosen, representative of the web directory takes decision to approve or disapprove your website link. On the other hand the Non-Human edited directory is the web directory which is auto approval and not monitored by any human. Generally it is beneficial to add your website link to a Human edited directory.

Niche Directories:

Niche directories are the web directories which allow the website links from some specific regions or specific language. Niche directories concentrate on niche topics, specialist sectors, restricted regional areas, or single languages

Free Web Directories:

The web directories which allow free of cost link submissions are known as the free web directories. There are thousands of free web directories available on the internet.

Paid Web Directories:

The paid web directories are the web directories which charge some cost to add your website links in their database. Charges for the link submission can be one time or for a specific time period.

Bid for Position Directories:

Bid for position directories (also known bidding we b directories) are the web directories where you bid for the position of your website link. Higher you pay toper will be the position of your website link.

Reciprocal Link:

Some of the web directories allow website link at the cost of a reciprocal link. Means you need to put the link of web directory on your website and then the web directory allow adding your website link in the directory database. This process is known as reciprocal linking.

Benefit of web directory submission:

Directory submission helps your website to be more visible on the internet. When you launch your website on the internet first time then the new websites are out of reach of Google crawler because Google Crawler does not know your website or could not find any way to get into your website. So the directory submission helps your website to Google crawl. Also, you can get lots of traffic on your website coming from the links you added in the web directories.

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