Good article writing tips

A good article can help your website to rank good. Good article writing is an art and needs to take care of few points. Below we are presenting few valuable tips for writing a good article which you can use to write an article at your own or evaluating an article taken from article writer.

Write Unique Content:

Google loves the unique content on your website or article. You cannot make fool of Google -the biggest search engine of the universe, by reusing the content of any article from any corner of the world. Reason, the Google bot crawls almost all websites of the web world and knows every good or bad site content. So never never and never reuse any content for your website or article. On the other hand if you use unique article then Google and all other major search engines will like it and it will be a plus point.

Simple Language Simple Words:

Use simple language and simple words for your articles. If you will use complex language structure and difficult words in your article, might be not all the people can understand the basic idea behind your article which you want to convey. There is no worth of such articles. Remember by writing article your basic goal is to make other people understand what you want to tell them.

Length of Article:

The recommended length of SEO article is around 450 words. You should cover every aspect of your article idea within this word limit.

Think of the Audience:

Put yourself in the shoes of your audience and think what they really want from here. There are several ways to tell one thing, but what is the really one way which can convince the readers to think. Nobody has time to read a boarding article. 95% of readers leave article if they found it valueless and useless in very first three sentences. So article must start with the lines which turn the reader think. It must be written in the way like you are talking to your audience face to face.

Keywords and Phrases:

Beside convincing your audience with your writing skills, you also have to convince Google. Use the keywords and phrases in your article which you want to target in Google. The density of the keywords should be between 2-3% of whole article length. Although you can repeat the keywords but do not repeat those too many times.

Explain with Examples:

It is a good practice to use small examples and stories to explain a key point. It will help your readers to understand the basic idea more deeply.

Use headings and subheading:

Choose a good and suitable heading for your article and place it on the top of article under H1 tag. Use subheadings in the article where necessary. It will help your readers to understand the article well and they can make an image of next coming lines in their mind.

Conclude your article:

Do not forget to conclude your article at the end. Try to tell your actual idea behind the article in last few lines. It is very important to remind your readers what they have read in whole this article, so that they can summarize it in their mind.