Writing an effective press release

Press release is an official statement issued to the media giving information on a particular matter. The matter could be the launch of your website, or a discount your are offering. The important thing is to maintain the effectiveness of your press release. It not only communicates with the media, but can also help you get higher ranking in search results and get you eyeballs of your audience. Press release writing is an important aspect of any marketing effort and you need to give proper attention to it.

While writing, optimizing and distributing your press release, you should keep some very important points in your mind, which I am listing below :

  1. Always write in third person. Never use “I” or “We” unless you are quoting somebody directly in your script.

  2. Never deviate from the core point your press release is making. If you are writing about a discount offer, write it in such a way which interest your audience. Focus on the main agenda and weave the content around it.

  3. Never write a press release which is so long that your audience just get bored. It should be around 400-500 words max. Be precise and concise. Nobody likes to read 1000 words, just to know about an offer.

  4. Never put your own opinion on it. You are not making a statement here, your clients are.

  5. Do not make your press release like a sales pitch. You are not advertising a service/product , but presenting it in a news format. Be neutral and avoid adjectives as much as you can. This will help set up credibility in your audience’s mind.

  6. Content should be in easy to understand format. Your readers are common people and throwing tech/industry jargons onto them is not a good idea of grabbing attention.

  7. Avoid errors at all cost. No spelling mistakes and no grammar mistake . Proofread and when you are done, Proofread again.

  8. Keywords are the most important part of Press release writing . It should be such that search engines pick your news when somebody searches for that term. After All what is the importance of writing a press release, if it does not get the ranking.

  9. Placement of the keywords is another important area of attention. Put them in headline, body and hyperlink. But, never overstuff the keywords.

  10. Add relevant media content like YouTube or twitter links . Also publish the press release onto your website. Link back to it from within the content.


Press release writing is an art and with an eye to detail and little research work, you can write the perfect press release for your business. Above mentioned points are just some of the hundreds of important things to keep in mind while writing your press release. The most important thing is to be precise and keep audience interest in your mind while writing one.